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Prenatal Dental Care? What is this?

Believe it or not, a healthy mouth begins before birth! Numerous research studies now show that one of the greatest influences in the cavity-experience of a child is the oral health of the mom. Read more...


When and How to Brush Baby’s Teeth

The right time to start brushing your baby’s teeth is right as soon as the first teeth erupt! And whenever two teeth touch each other, it is time to start flossing! That is because bacteria in the mouth will start to stick to the teeth. Read more...


Your Baby's First Dental Visit

Believe it or not, we want to meet you when you are expecting or before your baby is three months old! Of course we are not yet checking the baby's teeth. Rather, we are checking the health of your mouth! Read more...


When to Stop the Bottle, Pacifier and Thumb

A baby’s jaw bones are soft and moldable. The jaw bones and the position of the baby teeth within the bones can be altered by bad habits. When a baby uses a bottle, pacifier or finger for too long, the jaws and the position of teeth may be molded into a shape that is undesirable. Read more...


Teething and Eruption of Teeth

Teeth begin developing while the baby is still in the womb. Rarely, a baby is born with some teeth. Such teeth are called neonatal teeth. If they are extremely loose and if they pose a choking or aspiration hazard, then a dentist needs to remove the teeth. Read more...


Avoid Juice, Soda, Sugar from the Very Beginning

While you baby is still using a bottle, we highly recommend avoiding soda and all juice unless directed to give juice by a pediatrician. Most juices have little nutritional value and giving juice to your baby teaches your baby to look for something sweet and/or sour when drinking Read more...


Newborns Sleep and Nutrition Cycles

Mothers should follow their newborn’s hunger signals and should feed on demand as often as every 1.5 to 3 hours. As your baby matures, the time between feedings usually increases Read more...