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Baby Dentistry : Sugary Drinks

Avoid Juice, Soda, Sugar from the Very Beginning

While you baby is still using a bottle, we highly recommend avoiding soda and all juice unless directed to give juice by a pediatrician. Most juices have little nutritional value and giving juice to your baby teaches your baby to look for something sweet and/or sour when drinking. We greatly prefer that you teach your baby to thirst for pure water and to drink milk for nourishment. Formula, milk and breast milk should be given at discreet times during the day. In between those times, babies and toddlers should drink water.

Although teeth seem hard, microscopically they act more like sponges. During and right after feedings, the teeth are losing minerals. During times of rest between feedings, the minerals are going back into the teeth. When babies and toddlers eat, drink milk, formula or breast milk too frequently, the teeth never have a chance to rest and resorb minerals. This leads to the teeth becoming weak and then the teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay. From the toddler age all the way into adulthood, we advise taking milk and eating food during 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks. In between those discreet times, only water should be consumed. Juices and sodas should be reserved for special occasions.