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Baby’s First Visit

When is the right time to bring your baby to the dentist?

Believe it or not, we want to meet you when you are expecting or before your baby is three months old! Of course we are not yet checking the baby’s teeth. Rather, we are checking the health of your mouth! We do this to provide what we call ultra-early prevention.

Numerous studies show that the future health of a baby’s mouth literally depends on the health of his or her mother’s mouth. Babies are not born with cavity germs. Rather, babies inadvertently become infected with cavity germs around the time when the first tooth comes into the mouth. This happens when mommies and/or caretakers inadvertently share their saliva with babies through activities such as sharing food and cups, sharing eating utensils, taste-testing the temperature of foods, cutting baby’s food with their own teeth, cleaning pacifiers with their mouths, etc. The more cavity germs in a mommy’s mouth, the more her baby will experience cavities later in life.

The good news is that numerous studies also show that it is possible to disrupt the transmission of cavity germs from mother to child. When expectant mothers and mothers with newborns who had high levels of cavity germs were treated to reduce the amount of cavity germs in their saliva, their children went on to experience far fewer cavities in life!

We want to meet you before your baby has teeth! We can do a simple cotton-swab-test of your teeth and let you know if you have too many cavity germs in your mouth. If so, we have a proven treatment regimen that will reduce the levels of cavity germs so that your baby has a brighter future. The treatment regimin involves using a special toothpaste, a special mouthwash and chewing xylitol gum. All products used in the treatment regimen are safe for use during pregnancy and during nursing.

It is never too late!

Even if your baby or child already has teeth, please come as soon as you can.  We spend one-hour during our initial consultation.  You always remain with your child and we can even see your child in the comfort of your lap.  We will show you the best brushing technique for your child’s age.  We will tell you when and where you need to floss your child’s teeth.  We will show you the safest way to position yourself and your child  when it’s time to brush and floss.  We review your child’s nutrition habits and counsel regarding the best practices.  Each child receive’s a personal risk assesment for the development of cavities.  Children identified at high risk are scheduled to return more frequently so that we can help you prevent the development of cavities.  By working together, we help you help your child to have a healthy and beautiful smile that can last a lifetime!