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Elite Invisalign Provider

10 Important Things to Consider When Searching for Invisalign Near Me

Congratulations! You are considering to get your teeth or your child’s teeth straightened using Invisalign aligners. This is an amazing decision that will enhance your lives by improving oral health and self-esteem.

The next big decision is to choose your provider.  This is a major investment so choose your provider very carefully. Many dental offices offer Invisalign but is the provider an orthodontic specialist with years of additional training? Has the orthodontist completed extensive training specifically to Invisalign treatment?  You only have one smile and improper orthodontic treatment can irreversibly damage your teeth.  Additionally, think about how many Invisalign cases the provider completes each year.  Some providers complete only 5 cases per year and others complete hundreds of Invisalign cases per year.  More experience is better!

Is the Orthodontist an Elite Invisalign Provider?

TLC for Smiles is an Elite Invisalign Provider. In fact, TLC for Smiles has earned Invisalign’s highest recognition as VIP Diamond Providers.  We start well over three hundred Invisalign cases per year. Our orthodontists have completed many hours of additional Invisalign training such as the Masters Course, the Masters Edge Course, the Aligner Intensive Fellowship (which included over 65 hours of training), local study clubs as well as regional Invisalign conferences.  Our orthodontists serve Granada Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Mission Hills, Sylmar and the San Fernando Valley.  They have experience in cases ranging in complexity from simple cases to highly complex cases involving impacted teeth (teeth that are not emerging properly because they are stuck in the gum), preparing for veneers and implants, extraction of permanent teeth, and preparing for corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

Is the Orthodontist a Fully Credentialed Specialist?

At TLC for Smiles, all our orthodontists are specialists in Orthodontics. After earning their doctorate in dentistry, they attended a special program in orthodontics (a 2-3 years residency program) from fully accredited dental schools. Our orthodontists are also members of the American Association of Orthodontists. Orthodontists who have this credential come from fully accredited dental schools and follow a strict code of ethics and professionalism.

Does the Invisalign Provider Offer Complimentary Consultations?

At TLC for Smiles, we believe in goodness of fit between our clients and our office.  That is why we offer complimentary consultations.  We invite you to visit our office to experience Tender Loving Care personally and to make sure you connect with the personalities of our team members and orthodontists.  Our consultations include photos and a panoramic x-ray.  This enables the orthodontist to show you all of your orthodontic needs while also enabling the orthodontist to make the right diagnosis and treatment decisions for you.

Does the Invisalign Provider have an Excellent Online Reputation?

TLC for Smiles was founded in 2008 with a mission to treat every person with Tender Loving Care.  Our core values include delivering excellent care and customer service with high integrity, keeping our patients’ best interest in mind at all times and giving our patients the best value for their money. These values are followed on a daily basis and have earned us over a thousand five-star online reviews.  See our reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, tlcforsmiles.com, americandentalratings.com, and patientconnect365.com.

Does the Invisalign Provider Offer Flexible Payment Plans?

We know that orthodontic treatment is a financial investment. That is why TLC for Smiles offers flexible payment plans. Our office offers zero percent financing for customers that demonstrate financial integrity and stability.  Many times, our expert treatment coordinators can create plans requiring little or no down payment along with affordable monthly payments.  For customers who need very extended payment plans, we also offer Care Credit and Lending Club.  Additionally, our experienced financial coordinators will do their best to maximize any insurance benefits that you may have.

Does the Invsalign Provider Show Before and After Photos?

When you come for a complimentary consultation, we will analyze your case and show you before and after photos of similar cases treated at TLC for Smiles.  Our final results will assure you that we have the experience to take care of your orthodontic needs.

Is the Invisalign Provider Using Advanced Technology?

At TLC for Smiles, we embrace advanced technology. For example, new and existing clients can make appointments online. We also offer chat services 24 hours a day.  We send electronic confirmations both by email and text.  In the office, we feature electronic charting and scheduling as well as digital x-ray technology which greatly reduces radiation exposure.  Our state of the art panoramic machine is also capable of cone-beam CT which enables our orthodontists to visualize teeth, jaws and airway in a three dimensional manner.  Our unique machine allows us to customize exposure ranging in size from a small field to the entire head which again minimizes radiation exposure.  3-D technology allows our orthodontists better understand orthodontic problems and also helps identify airway issues in children which often leads to sleep disturbances and behavioral problems that seem like ADHD.  Some of these children receive prescription medications when in actuality they need orthodontic treatment that can increase their airways so that they can sleep better at night.

TLC for Smiles’ 7 & Up Club

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have their first orthodontic consultation at age 7 year old.  This is because many children will have orthodontic problems that can be corrected through early intervention.  Also, many baby teeth don’t fall out correctly and this causes permanent teeth to grow in the wrong way.  At TLC for Smiles, we are committed to starting treatment at the right time.  When we determine that no active orthodontic treatment is needed, children will go into our “7&Up” club where we monitor skeletal growth and development and where we also monitor how baby teeth are falling out and how permanent teeth are growing in.  If your child needs orthodontic treatment around age 7, rest assured the majority of orthodontic treatment can be done with Invisalign First.  With Invisalign First, we can accomplish dental expansion, make space for permanent teeth, help impacted teeth erupt, correct bites and align front teeth.  All this can be done avoiding metal expanders and braces!  Invisalign First is much more comfortable for kids.

Does the Invisalign Provider also offer Braces?

At TLC for Smiles, many of our new orthodontic patients choose to have their teeth straightened with Invisalign aligners.  But if you prefer braces, rest assured our skilled orthodontists can also straighten your teeth with braces.  Also, extremely difficult movements such as uprighting tipped molars and erupting impacted molars (molars stuck in the gum) can be done with a combination of wires and Invisalign aligners.

Is the Invisalign Provider Involved in the Local Community?

Challenging cases require cooperation between the orthodontist and other dental specialists such as gum doctors, implant doctors, and dentists who specialize in procedures like veneers and crowns.  At TLC for Smiles, our orthodontists have developed a network of highly skilled dentists that collectively provide our patients with comprehensive dental care.  Additionally, TLC for Smiles supports our local schools, sports teams as well as Forever Found, a foundation that is dedicated to fighting child trafficking.