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Kids Clubs

We are excited to announce our

Kids Club and Orthodontic Rewards Programs!

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Click on card to enter into our integrate Rewards Program!

Welcome to the TLC for Smiles Rewards Program!  We are excited to offer this program to our patients as a way to motivate you to do your part in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!

You’ll earn reward points for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, for coming to your visit on time, for making your next appointment, and for taking good care of your braces and appliances.  This is our first and foremost objective in our rewards program.  We also want to reward you for accomplishments that build character and your involvement in the community so you can also earn points for good grades and community service!

You set the bar…every visit is an opportunity to earn points that are redeemable for dozens of cool prizes.

Here are a few ways you can earn points on your TLC for Smiles Kids Club card or your TLC for Smiles Orthodontic Rewards card:

Earn 100 points for excellent oral hygiene (must have plaque-free teeth and gums that are healthy)

Earn 10 points for showing up for the visit on time, wearing elastics as instructed, having no broken bands, appliances or brackets, and making your next visit

Earn 25 points for each “A” on your school report card (up to 8 per school year)

Earn 100 points for completing a community service project

Earn 50 points for “Liking” us on Facebook or for winning the “Middle Riddle”

Earn 25 points for entering office contests

Earn 250 points for writing a review on Google Reviews

Earn 200 points for having an appointment on your birthday

Earn 125 points on your initial orthodontic consultation

Become a member and look for all the ways to earn points for being involved on social media!

Use the temporary password and card number on the back of your card to login to the site.  You’ll be able to check your points and redeem your reward points for great prizes!