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Prenatal Dental Care

Prenatal Dental Care? What is this?

Believe it or not, a healthy mouth begins before birth! Numerous research studies now show that one of the greatest influences in the cavity-experience of a child is the oral health of the mom.

Babies are not born with cavity germs. Rather, babies acquire cavity germs from their caretakers around the time that the first tooth erupts into the baby’s mouth. This happens when mommies and/or caretakers inadvertently share their saliva with babies through activities such as sharing food and cups, sharing eating utensils, taste-testing the temperature of foods, cutting baby’s food with their own teeth, cleaning pacifiers with their mouths, etc. The more cavity germs in a mommy’s mouth, the more her baby will experience cavities later in life.

Mothers with high levels of cavity causing bacteria will have children who have higher experiences with cavities. Conversely, mothers with low levels of cavity causing bacteria will have children who have fewer cavities.

The great news is that reseach has shown that when pregnant women with high levels of cavity germs were treated to reduce their bacterial counts, their children grew up to have fewer cavities!

We can help you give the benefit of Ultra-Early Prevention to your future baby. We use CariScreen to help determine if you, the expectant mom, have high or low levels of cavity causing bacteria. You can read all about “CariScreen” on the “CariScreen” page listed under “Services”. If we find that your level of cavity germs is too high, we can start you on a treatment regimen that is safe for use during pregnancy and nursing. Simply by switching to a special toothgel & mouthrinse, and by chewing gum sweetened with xylitol, you can greatly improve your baby’s future oral health!


Besides the future cavity experience of your child-to-be, prenatal dental care is also important for other reasons! Expectant mothers with gum disease have been shown to have a greater chance of preterm delivery and low birth weight babies. Gum disease is also hazardous to your own heart health.

When you come in for CariScreen, we will check your mouth for major dental problems. We will inform you of our findings and refer you to a nearby dentist who can take care of your dental needs. We look forward to meeting you!