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At TLC for Smiles, we believe in having fun. Log in to your patient portal to track points and claim prizes. View the list below to learn how you can earn more points.


How to earn points and claim awesome prizes


  • Arrive on Time! (20 Points)
  • Maintain excellent OH (100 Points)
  • Make next appt before leaving office (20 Points)
  • No Cavities! (100 Points)
  • No loose or broken brackets, bands or appliances (20 Points)
  • Cooperating with Orthodontist (50 Points)
  • Wear your TLC for Smiles T-shirt (50 Points)
  • Community Service (max of 4/year - we want to see your photos!) (100 Points)
  • Each A on your report card, max. of 4 (25 Points)
  • Enter an office contest (25 points)
  • Winner of the Facebook Trivia (50 points)
  • Like us on Facebook/Twitter Follow (100 Points)
  • New orthodontic patient consultation (125 Points)
  • Ortho Observation Visit (100 Points)

Rewards And Kids Club

  • Ortho records (125 Points)
  • Ortho Starting treatment bond or cement (250 Points)
  • Refer Ortho Pt Who Started Tx (2500 Points)
  • Refer a patient to our office (250 points)
  • Win the Facebook Middle Riddle (50 points)
  • Write a Facebook review (250 points)
  • Ortho patient had a dental exam and cleaning (150 Points)
  • New pediatric dental patient (50 Points)
  • Brought rewards card (10 Points)
  • Write a Google review (250 points)
  • Operative visits, good behavior/good effort (100 Points)
  • No points but came to visit (1 Point)
  • Coming to Office on Your Birthday (100 Points)
  • Done with Orthodontics! (100 Points)
  • Write a Yelp! review (250 points)

Rewards And Kids Club


  • Writing a review on our portal (10 Points)
  • Giving a rating on the portal (10 Points)
  • Sharing your review on Facebook (100 Points)
  • Writing a Google Plus Review (250 Points)
  • Writing a Yelp! Review (250 Points)
  • Writing a RateMD Review (250 Points)
  • Writing a Yahoo Review (250 Points)
  • Writing a Healthgrade Review (250 Points)

Rewards And Kids Club

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Rewards And Kids Club