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Mercury-free pediatric dentistry

Your child's well-being is our top priority. This means we provide safe, evidence-based dentistry methods for taking care of cavities and other dental issues. Along with using mercury-free fillings, we also offer the removal of amalgam fillings that may have been placed by another dentist.

Why do we avoid mercury in our office?

The silver-hued fillings called dental amalgams were used for decades by most dental offices across the country. While they didn't cause problems for everyone, research has found that the mercury content of these fillings can vaporize over time, causing a high level of exposure to patients. Mercury exposure can cause brain and kidney conditions, as well as other health problems. The FDA has stated the amalgam fillings should not be used in children under 6. We want to provide the safest dentistry methods to our pa-tients, which means we never use mercury-based fillings.


Bonding/white fillings

Instead of amalgams, we use a process called bonding to fill cavities. Cosmetically, bonding is a great choice because there is no silver involved, only white material that blends in with your child's natural tooth color. Bonding can be used to fill cavities or repair cracked and stained teeth. Bonding is a relatively quick process, and we can generally complete your child's filling in one visit. First, we remove any decay or broken parts of a tooth. Then we use a liquid or gel to prepare the tooth for the bonding agent. Once this is complete, the bonding resin is placed in or on the tooth. We sculpt everything carefully to support optimum functionality and appearance.

Schedule your child's appointment

If your child has cavities that need to be taken care of, call our office and book an appointment with our friendly staff. We have several fantastic pediatric dentists that will help your child to feel calm and relaxed during their dental appointment.

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