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InBrace is comfortable, completely hidden, and allows you to eat, drink, brush and floss normally while treatment works on autopilot! (No monthly tightening and no plastic tray changes).
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Designed for you.
Made for real life.

InBrace is a personalized behind-the-teeth, teeth straightener - that's completely hidden.

InBrace is set-it and forget-it teeth-straightening that lets you live your real life and share your improving smile without anyone knowing you're in treatment.

Tiny wire.
Massive benefits.

The InBrace Smartwire works like autopilot. The Smartwire is programmed with Gentleforce technology from advanced shape memory alloy to gently move your teeth into place.

This means no monthly tightenings or tray changes. And you can eat, drink and floss normally - while treatment keeps working.


What is InBrace?

Created by orthodontists, the InBrace Smartwire uses advanced computer modeling and AI to move teeth in a way that's fast, healthy and completely under the radar.

Top Features

The Smartwire

Designed, programmed and personalized to your ideal smile.

Auto pilot

No monthly tightenings or tray changes required. Visit every 8-10 weeks to make sure everything is on track.

Gentleforce technology

Gently and efficiently moves your teeth into place based on your provider's treatment plan.

Better oral hygiene

No mental mouth. No visible stains. No dozens of trays. No shoving your hand in your mouth to remove aligners. No losing aligners.

How InBrace Works

Customized Smartwire Moves Your Teeth With GentleForce Technology

1. Toothprint

Your InBrace Toothprint is scanned by a provider who creates a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. Your Toothprint is used to personalize your Smartwire for the results you want.

2. CoDesign

We CoDesign your ideal smile with your InBrace provider. InBrace programs your Smartwire with Gentleforce technology to gently move teeth into place.

3. Fitting

Your InBrace provider fits you with your personalized Smartwire, and you leave your fitting - InBraced. Treatement is completely hidden (even up close) so you can show the world your Smile Now.

Who is InBrace for?

InBrace treats all types of malocclusions from simple to complex cases, InBraces straightens teeth without embarrassing wires or inconvenient aligners.

Instant confidence

You'll start seeing results as soon as two weeks. Get ready to love looking in the mirror - or any reflective surface for that matter (we won't judge!).

Autopilot = more you time

We love our orthodontists, but there are more important things to be doing. Your Smartwire starts moving your teeth gently into place from day one - like autopoilt. So you can do more life stuff and less treatment stuff.

Eat normally

With no messy trays to pop out before you indulge, you can eat whenever you want.

Sip away

Start your day with a big 'ol cup of joe or your favorite tea. With nothing to remove, your treatment continues working while you drink.

What some of our patients are saying

My daughters love coming here for their dental needs. The staff is super friendly and the dentist are very gentle and warm. I recommend this establishment to anyone who ask fam, friends, coworkers and anyone who ask for a pediatric dentistry

5 Google

Lupe Vasquez

They really know what they're doing here. They make sure to keep you feeling safe. I've seen many kids who don't like the dentist become calm because of their kindness and approach. I'm very grateful to Khaled for taking care of me extremely well. Highly recommended.

5 Google

Isa Tristan

This office is wonderful. They were so good with my 2 year old. She started with her hand over her mouth and by the end she was showing them how she brushes and let them examine her. I would absolutely recommend them for small children.

5 Google

Christine Gregorchuk

Super friendly staff. June did such an amazing job at working with my crying son. The Dentist works so well with kids and is very professional. Loved the experience and would recommend to everyone. Also, my son loved the play room and all the little gifts he received.

5.0 Google

Janet Quintero

We Love TLC FOR SMILES!!! Excellent service !!Staff is Amazing and friendly!! So happy we are a part of TLC! Our daughter is 8 yrs old and she is always happy to visit!! Come on in and see for yourself you will never want to visit another dental office!! Make TlC for Smiles your family’s favorita dentist!!!

5 Google

Maureen Munoz

They did a great job. They catered to my hectic schedule including having to fly from out of state. The staff is full of kind, quality people. They always kept me in the loop regarding what stage of the process I was on. They were super fast also! I really would recommend this place to friends and family.

5.0 Google

Joshua Huddleston

The whole staff is friendly, patient, and understanding with kids. They are very explicit before doing anything about describing the tools they will be using. My daughter had X-rays for the first time and it was a positive experience. Definitely recommend this office!

5 Google

Emonica Dantas

I have already taken my son here and had a wonderful experience! I brought my daughter in yesterday and again the doctor the assistance and the front office are all so friendly and helpful. This is a wonderful place to bring your children to for dental care.

5 Google

Earthy Mama

What our clients say

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