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Baby teeth extraction

In some situations, it is better for a child’s oral health to have a baby tooth removed or “pulled.” We are committed to providing a comfortable, low-stress experience for your child if they need to come in for a tooth extraction.


Why would a baby tooth need to be removed?

The three most common reasons we perform a baby tooth extraction are:

  • Excessive tooth decay
  • Adult teeth trying to come in beneath
  • Preparing for braces treatment

If a child needs a tooth extraction, we numb the area surrounding the tooth with local anesthetics. We are careful to numb the area thoroughly so that the extraction is not painful. Once this is accomplished, we use special tools to loosen the root of the tooth and gently pull it from the surrounding gums and bone. With good numbing, this is safe and painless for your child.

Baby teeth extraction

Care considerations after a tooth extraction

After a tooth is extracted, the area will feel numb for a couple of hours. During this time, it is easy to accidentally bite the cheek or gums and cause injury. We recommend only liquids and soft foods for your child while they are still numb to decrease the risk of hurting their mouth and causing pain once the anesthetic wears off.

We also recommend no straws for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Sucking can cause bleeding in the site by dislodging clots that are formed by the body. These clots are important to keep the site free of infection as well as prevent excessive bleeding.

Check the mouth regularly over the next few days to make sure there are no signs of infection. If your child’s mouth appears unusual in color, is bleeding a lot, or has food stuck in the extraction site, give us a call right away.

Baby teeth extraction

Call us if you have concerns

If you have any concerns about your child after the procedure, please give our office a call. We are always willing to answer your questions or talk through concerns that arise. You can reach us during office hours at 818-208-4665.

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Baby teeth extraction