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For a limited time, we are offering $1500.00 ** off Invisalign. This package deal including extra retainers and whitening of teeth**

At our office, the cost of Invisalign starts as low as $2,499 for our Basic treatment plan.

Our Moderate Invisalign treatment plan starts at $3,895.

Our Advanced plan starts at $5,995.

Insurance may pay up to $1500.00 & payment plans can be as low as $89.00 per month.

  • $0 Down Payment*
  • Monthly payments as low as $89 per month*
  • 5 year payment plans available*
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What Does Invisalign ® Cost in Los Angeles?

Invisalign has become popular in the Los Angeles area because it’s an easy and comfortable way to align your teeth. As with anything worth considering, you may be wondering just how much Invisalign costs? We’d like to think that you can’t put a price on a beautiful smile. But, understandably, the financial concerns are something worth considering when it comes to Invisalign treatment for you or your child.

You should know that TLC for Smiles is ranked at the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the U.S. Because of this, we get a discount from Invisalign and pass those savings on to you, our wonderful customers.

Different factors can impact how much Invisalign will cost you. Your individual goals and recommendations by your orthodontist can increase or lower Invisalign treatment prices for you. Let’s learn more about Invisalign and what determines your treatment costs.

  • Factors Affecting Invisalign Cost

    Every case is unique, and your treatment goals will vary from another person’s. Other factors include:

    ● How complex your case is.

    ● How long your treatment will take.

    ● How many aligners are needed.

    ● If you need attachments and / or interproximal contouring

    ● The amount of time your orthodontist spends with you, including all appointments.

  • Some cases are simple and straightforward and take a minimum amount of time to reach your goal, while more severe cases include more follow-up appointments, lengthier treatment durations, and multiple aligner trays.

    Let’s look at how we classify cases and how the cost of Invisalign is figured.

    Basic Invisalign Treatment

    Basic Invisalign treatment corrects minor bite issues or small misalignments in your teeth. This is a Level 1 treatment that requires minimal procedures to straighten your teeth. We can usually accomplish this in less than 9 months, we do not need any attachments or interproximal contouring. The cost will usually run from $2,499 to $3,900.

  • Moderate Invisalign Treatment

    Moderate misalignments are categorized as a Level 2 case needing mild Invisalign treatment. You’d need just a little more treatment than our basic Invisalign, and it could take more than a year but less than eighteen months. These cases can involve some attachments and / or interproximal contouring but no elastics for bite correction. This could cost anywhere from $3,900 to $5,600.

  • Advanced Invisalign Treatment

    Complex cases will need Level 3 treatment. Advanced Invisalign treatment includes attachments, interproximal contouring, buttons and elastics. These cases are generally 18 months or longer. This means more aligners, more office visits. Advanced treatment can cost from $5,700 to $6,800.

    During our initial assessment, we’ll be able to give you an idea of whether your case is basic, mild, or advanced. That will help us determine just how long your treatment will take, as well as how much your Invisalign treatment will cost. .

  • Does Invisalign Cost More Than Braces?

    Many orthodontists tack on an additional premium when patients choose Invisalign over braces. This premium could be up to $1,500 in addition to the normal cost of Invisalign. Because of our elite provider status with Invisalign, we actually receive a discount for the Invisalign lab. We take our discount and subtract it from your Invisalign cost, which means it costs nearly the same for Invisalign and traditional metal braces in our office. Imagine, you can get a better alternative to braces for the same price at TLC for Smiles in Granada Hills!

  • Will Insurance Pay for Invisalign?

    Some of our Los Angeles patients have dental insurance that will cover braces. The vast majority of dental insurance plans allow us to bill invisalign equally as braces. So in almost 100% of the time, insurance pays for invisalign exactly the same as braces.

    Many of our patients have also used their FSA or Flexible Spending Account. This allows them to use their pretax dollars to pay for their Invisalign treatment costs.

  • Payment Plans

    At TLC for Smiles, most of our customers qualify for our in-house payment plan which offers a flexible down payment and monthly payments with zero percent interest. Additionally, our office offers Care Credit financing when people prefer extended payment plans longer than 24 months.

    The bottom line is that we want accessible Invisalign treatment for everyone who walks through our Granada Hills TLC for Smiles office If you’re having problems figuring out how to pay for Invisalign, talk with our office about how our flexible payment plans might benefit you.

  • Contact TLC for Smiles in Granada Hills for Invisalign

    Invisalign treatment costs are worth considering. It makes sense that you want to be well-informed about all cost factors anytime you are thinking of a major purchase. We understand wholeheartedly.

    At TLC for Smiles, our goal is to help improve your dental health and promote a better sense of well-being, without undue stress or worry. We want to support you in every way through your treatment, from the pre-treatment stage when considering the related costs through your treatment and beyond the maintenance stages.

    We’re happy to help answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 818-360-2131 to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced Invisalign orthodontists. We have may after school and after work appointments available since we are open until 7 pm at least 3 days per week. Additionally, we have an orthodontist on premises almost 6 days every week. Our team of orthodontists follow the exact invisalign treatment plan that was designed for you, ensuring that you achieve wonderful results with each doctor. We can’t wait to meet with you and talk more about what Invisalign can do for you.

    (*On approved credit)

    (** $1500.00 off our advanced invisalign plan)

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