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Invisalign® treatment in Granada Hills

TLC for Smiles is an Elite Top 1% Provider of Invisalign®. This prestigious designation is awarded by Invisalign® in recognition of expertise and experience with Invisalign®. We are honored to help you have the smile you always wanted.

Top 1% Provider of Invisalign®


Goodbye brackets, hello Invisalign®

The revolutionary Invisalign® system uses clear plastic aligners that guide your teeth into place without the need for metal wires or brackets. Using 3D iTero scanner technology, your orthodontist and Invisalign® technician will be able to design aligners that are highly accurate and effective for your unique case.

Every smile is different, and so is every aligner. One stage at a time, your aligners will straighten your teeth gently and effectively. Your orthodontist will instruct you on how to wear your customized aligners and will monitor your progress every step of the way.



Is Invisalign® right for me?

  • Discreet. Adult professionals, busy parents, socially-conscious teens, and active children all love the barely-there aesthetic of Invisalign® clear aligners.
  • Removable. Aligners are not attached to your teeth and can be removed during meals and your normal oral hygiene routine. This means you don’t have to change your diet or avoid any particular foods like you would with traditional braces treatment. It is also easier to keep your teeth clean and cavity-free throughout treatment.
  • Gentle. Invisalign® clear aligners do not have any pokey edges, metal wires, or bulky brackets. This makes them more comfortable and gentle on your cheeks, tongue, and lips.
  • Accurate. Using 3D iTero scan technology, you’ll be able to see your smile journey from start to finish - before you even begin. Take a peek into the future and see what your smile will look like after treatment.


Skip the office visit with Dental Monitoring

We recognize you have a life outside of our office. That’s why we’ve adopted an exciting new technology called Dental Monitoring. Through an app on your smartphone, your orthodontist can communicate with you directly about your treatment, as well as receive photo updates of your progress. Because of this, they are able to monitor your teeth weekly without you coming into the office.

You can use Dental Monitoring from home, work, school, or even while on vacation. Your orthodontist will keep a close eye on the movement of your teeth to ensure they are adjusting according to the plan. Your orthodontist can also let you know when it’s time to switch to your next set of aligners.

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring

Real smiles, remarkable results

If precision, excellence, and comfort are important to you on the journey to your best smile than Invisalign® treatment might be a great fit. Book a no-obligation consultation today and visit our office at your convenience.

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